Outside Scholarships

Website Listing Request

Want to add a scholarship opportunity to our website? Please complete the Outside Scholarship Website Listing Request Form and email it to scholarships@ucdavis.edu.

As the Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships office becomes aware of outside scholarship opportunities, we will post them here. UC Davis does not endorse or recommend any particular organization, individual, points of view, products, or services offered by these outside sites. While we screen these listings to eliminate any offers that do not appear to be legitimate, students should review all scholarship information carefully. Please see our scholarship application tips section, for information on how to search for outside scholarships.

Each of these scholarship and award opportunities come with different restrictions; for additional information and application materials, please visit their website and/or contact the organization directly. International and undocumented students are welcome to apply, as long as all other requirements are met. Items are listed alphabetically by organization along with a brief desciption of the award.

Accepting an Outside Scholarship

For financial aid recipients, scholarships are credited against any remaining need or the student's Self-Help and loan expectations, thus reducing the amount the student may need to borrow or work. Because the amount of financial aid a student receives cannot exceed the need determined by the federal formula, all outside scholarships and awards must be reported to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office. Students who are awarded a scholarship or award not included on MyAwards must notify our office using the Change-in-Aid form. Students may be billed for any aid received in excess of their financial need.

Payment Processing for Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarship checks should be made payable to UC Regents and sent directly to the Cashier’s Office, not the Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships office. Payment should be accompanied by a memo stating the student recipient’s full name and UC Davis student ID number. The Cashier’s Office address is:

Cashier’s Office
University of California, Davis
PO Box 989062
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062