Steps to Participating in the Work-Study Program

  • In order to participate in this program the University and the organization must enter into a Work-Study Program Agreement. For more information on how to start up a contract to employ work-study students, contact Miriam Magana, Interim Work-Study Coordinator, at 530-752-0117 or via email.
  • When the contract has been approved by the Work-Study Coordinator, organizations can begin posting their job on the Internship and Career Center website at Aggie Job Link. An organization that wants to hire a UC Davis work-study student must submit a Hire Request Form to the Work-Study Coordinator. 
  • A wage rate must be indicated in the job posting. The University does not dictate wage rates. Hourly rates should be set according to minimum wage laws, skills and abilities needed to perform the job, and comparable wages to other non-Work-Study employees in the same position. The Work-Study Coordinator may contact you to discuss wage rates that are not comparable to similar positions.
  • Hiring possess is to be completed before, or on the day of the first day, of employment.
  • Once a Hire Confirmation is processed, a Work-Study Eligibility Form, and invoice template will be e-mailed over to the employer. Receiving these forms signifies the student has completed the necessary paperwork with UC Davis. Please sign and return the Work-Study Eligibility Form to the work-study coordinator immediately.
  • In order to be reimbursed for Work-Study hourly wages, an invoice, timesheet, and pay stub must be submitted to the Work-Study coordinator.