FAQs - Continuing Students

This information is subject to change. Please check back often for updates. For questions relating to how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your financial aid, please see COVID-19 FAQs.

  • Will my financial aid change if I decide not to live on campus for the fall quarter? Will my award change again if I live on campus during the winter and spring?
  • Off-campus housing is less expensive than on-campus housing, therefore your cost of attendance would be reduced and you would receive less aid compared to a package with the higher on-campus housing expense. Undergraduate Cost of Attendance provides a breakdown between the differences between on-campus housing and off-campus housing for the current academic year. If you decide to adjust during the winter quarter, please submit a Housing Change in Aid form through your MyAwards to notify us of the changes, so that necessary adjustments to your new housing costs can be noted on your financial aid.
  • Can I accept my federal and institutional loan offers for the upcoming quarter after I initially declined?
  • You can submit a Change in Loan Request through MyAwards. See FAQs - Loans for more information.
  • If I need a loan to purchase a computer for online courses, where can I request one?
  • You can request a loan by submitting a Computer Loan Request and a quote (or final cost at check-out) of the computer that you will be purchasing. Students currently enrolled in the minimum unit requirements within the current quarter can request a computer loan. Ensure a hand-written signature is provided on the form and submit it through the Contact An Expert portal. See Computer Purchase for application form and details.
  • When will I receive my financial aid award letter for the academic year of 2020-21?
  • Financial Aid award letters will be available at the end of June 2020. Please wait for an email from our office to view and accept your financial aid at that time.
  • How will adjusting my enrollment to part-time affect my financial aid?
  • You will have to petition for part-time status with the Office of University Registrar. To receive financial aid as a part-time student, your units need to fall between 6 and 10 units. If your part-time status petition for next quarter is approved by the Office of University Registrar, you will then need to submit a Change in Aid form, which you can access through the awards page on your MyAwards.

    If you are approved as a part-time student, the Registrar's Office will reduce your tuition to reflect part-time fees. Moreover, when you submit the Change in Aid form, your financial aid package will be adjusted to reflect the decrease in tuition. Generally, this reduction will first be applied to grants, then loans. If you normally receive a refund, you can expect to receive a similar amount.

    If you want to know how much tuition decreases as a part-time student, please contact the Registrar's Office. If you are a University Middle-Income Grant recipient, please contact us at Ask Us for more information on how your financial aid may be affected as a part-time student.
  • Why is my refund smaller this quarter?
  • Students who are enrolled in less than 12 units and are Cal Grant and/or Pell Grant recipients are not eligible for the full award. If you are a Cal Grant or Pell Grant recipient, and you have dropped below 12 units, you will not receive the full award. Wait-listed courses do not count as enrolled units.
  • If I was just readmitted for the quarter, how can I receive financial aid?
  • Make sure you have submitted your 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application and have included UC Davis (001313) as a listed school. Once you have enrolled in classes, you can submit an Enrollment Change in Aid through your MyAwards to inform our office that you are returning for the quarter.

• Currently, staff are answering phones and emails. We may be reached by phone or email through Contact An Expert.
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