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Financial Aid Data Sources and Surveys

There are a few different sources of financial aid data available, In addition to data that is produced on our campus, other sources such as the Common Data Set and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) are critical for use in nationwide surveys. Information obtained through these resources, as well as the UC Office of the President, is based on specific criteria, and data is only included for students identified in the cohort.

Financial Aid at UC Davis

During the 2014-15 academic year, the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office disbursed $562,544,081 to 26,899 students, or about 78% of the fall population. This data includes most forms of financial aid, with the exception of UC earnings and fee waivers.

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UC Affordability for Undergraduates

Most forms of financial aid for undergraduates at UC Davis is awarded based on the student's need. The UC system has a robust financial aid program, and we use their Education Financing Policy to determine a student's eligiblity for aid.

For interesting facts on financial aid for undergraduates across the UC system, please visit the UC Infocenter.

Managing Your Money

Successful money management can help students achieve their educational goals and begin life after college with as little debt as possible. Our financial literacy section provides tips and resources on creating a realistic budget and helping students make informed decisions on managing their money. In addition, our campus has partnered with CashCourse.org to provide students with user-friendly tools to help them along the way.