Special Programs

Intercampus Visitors

The Intercampus Visitor (ICV) Program enables qualified UC undergraduates to take advantage of educational opportunities available at other UC campuses. Students may take courses that are not available at their home campus, participate in special programs, or study with a distinguished faculty member at another UC campus. For more information about how financial aid work for those participating in the Intercampus Visitor program visit our Intercampus Visitor section.

University of California Center Sacramento

University of California Center Sacramento (UCCS) is the University of California’s teaching, research and public-service site located one block from the State Capitol Building. To learn about your financial aid options as a UC student visit our UCCS section.

Washington DC Program

If you are ready to experience a dynamic city and want to apply your education in a professional workplace setting, consider studying and interning in Washington DC. Because Washington Program participants are still enrolled at UC Davis while studying in DC, they maintain their financial aid eligibility. To learn about your financial aid options for this program, visit our Washington DC Program section.