Important Updates

Seminars Abroad

UC Davis Seminars Abroad programs are focused learning opportunities typically offered during winter break after fall quarter ends and during spring quarter. Led by a UC Davis faculty, students are able to learn through field trips, onsite projects, and group activities in places such as Nepal, Rome, and Antarctica. Programs run from 10 days to three weeks and UC Davis units earned will be counted towards your fall term.

Since units earned will be part of your fall and/or spring term(s) on campus, there is no additional tuition to participate in Seminars Abroad. The UC Davis Study Abroad Office determines program fees. Financial Aid and Scholarships will utilize cost information provided by the Study Abroad Office to adjust your overall Cost of Attendance on MyAwards. You can then utilize financial aid such as scholarships and loans to help cover abroad-related expenses. Please note that if you are receiving University grants such as the UC Grant, UC Blue & Gold, and UC Aggie Grant Plan, these funds are awarded based on UC Davis’ standard cost of attendance and do not adjust even though abroad programs have costs that are higher than UC Davis' standard cost.