Summer Financial Aid

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Summer Financial Aid

UC Davis students attending over summer may be eligible to receive financial aid to assist with costs. The UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will begin packaging students for Summer 2018 by the end of May. Students will be notified via their UC Davis email once their financial aid package is available.

Summer 2018 Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

Limited funds are available for UC Davis undergraduates who:

  • Filed a 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application
  • Meet other campus basic requirements for aid eligibility (for example, maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, not be in default on student loans, not be in overpayment of a federal grant, etc.)
  • Have not filed to graduate for Spring Quarter 2018

AND meet one of the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled at UC Davis during Spring Quarter 2018
  • On an approved Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) during Spring Quarter 2018
  • Freshman or transfer student admitted for Fall Quarter 2018

Summer Financial Aid Application

  • For continuing UC Davis students attending Summer Sessions on our campus or participating in Summer Abroad through our campus, your registration serves as your application for summer financial aid. Enroll for summer classes as soon as your registration appointment time is available. If attending both sessions, make sure you enroll in both sessions at the same time. Please refer to the Summer Sessions website for information on courses, registration, important dates and other information.
  • For students attending UC Davis AND another UC over the summer, please submit a Summer Financial Aid Application (Available end of May 2019).
  • Summer is considered one term for financial aid purposes. To be eligible for summer aid, you must be enrolled or waitlisted in at least six (6) units total during the summer term.
  • The amount of financial aid you receive is based on the total number of units and sessions you are enrolled in as of the date you are offered Summer Financial Aid. Please review our Billing and Disbursement webpage for additional details.
  • If you are enrolled in less than 6 units during Summer Session 1/ Special Sessions, you are responsible for paying Summer Session 1/ Special Session fees by the June 15 deadline. If you are combining units between Session 1/ Special Session and Session 2 to meet the 6 unit requirement, your aid will not disburse until Summer Session 2. If you have added additional units to Session 1/Special Session to equal a minimum of 6 units, please allow 5-7 business days for aid to show as Estimated Financial Aid on your MyBill or for aid to disburse.
  • Once you are successfully packaged, you will receive an email notification to your UC Davis email address to view MyAwards. Please note that modifications to your enrollment may result in a change to your financial aid package, including in a possible reduction of grant and/or limiting your aid to loans. Please review our Cancelling or Withdrawing webpage for important information on changes to enrollment.
  • You can use the Summer Change in Aid form to request a revision to your financial aid based on changes in your enrollment.
  • For Newly Admitted Freshmen and Transfer Students, UC Davis students attending summer at another UC campus, or students from another UC campus attending UC Davis, please see the index at the left for information regarding your application process.

Newly Admitted Freshmen and Transfer Students

Students Attending UC Davis From Another UC Campus

UC Davis Students Attending Summer at Another UC