Students Attending UC Davis From Another UC Campus

Home campuses provide summer financial aid to students attending other UC's. For example, if you are a UC Berkeley student who will attend UC Davis during summer sessions, your aid will be offered through the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office.  

  • If you receive financial aid from your home campus, it will not be transferred to UC Davis to pay your fees. You are responsible for paying your fees and any charges directly to UC Davis by the fee deadline. Please see our summer Important Dates webpage for more information.

  • If financial aid from your home campus will not be available before fees are due at UC Davis, you will still need to pay your charges by the fee deadline.

  • UC Davis students attending other UC's will still be required to acknowledge the Code of Academic Conduct and register academic activity for each course. Students will be emailed a form at the beginning of each session to complete and return to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. Failure to register academic activity for enrolled courses by the deadline published on the form will result in a bill for the term.
  • All communications are sent to students' UC Davis email addresses.