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Important Updates

  • The 2024-25 FAFSA and CADAA applications will open in December 2023. Visit FAFSA Simplification for details.
  • UC Davis students who are victims of the Maui Fires may be eligible for funding. Visit Basic Needs for details.
  • If you have been selected for verification, please complete the requirements as soon as possible. For details, visit Verification.
  • For California Middle Class Scholarship updates, please visit MCS.

Hiring a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

How to Hire a Graduate Student Researcher with Work-Study

For graduate students, the Work-Study award period is October 1 through June 30. Students awarded Work-Study will not be paid retroactively. Their begin date must not precede the student's Work-Study Service Channel Form effective date (which will be entered when the form is requested).

  • Submit a Work-Study Employment Request Form:
    • Provide the student's name, student ID (not the Social Security number), student's email, title code, quarter/unit information, and other awards (including award amounts).
  • The Work-Study Manager will confirm that the student is eligible for Work-Study and that all requirements have been met.
  • Once the request has been approved, the requestor will need to acknowledge rights and responsibilities in order to complete the Job Hire in the UCPath section and then download the Work-Study Service Channel Form.
  • Once the Work-Study Service Channel Form has been downloaded:
    • Send the form to the Service Channel and ensure the Service Channel enters the Work-Study Position Pool ID on the student's position in UCPath.
  • Ensure the student and supervisor read and understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • Department is responsible for ensuring the student and supervisor sign the mandatory Work-Study GSR Monthly Time Record and the supervisor sends it to on a monthly basis to comply with federal regulations.
  • For guidance as to how to calculate the GSR appointment percentages contact Graduate Studies.

Note: All GSR Work-Study positions require the following documents:

Additional Pertinent Information

  • Work-Study earnings are taxable
  • Work-Study payments are not to precede the effective date on the Work-Study Service Channel Form
  • Graduate (GSR) Work-Study positions are to conduct research that the University would fund regardless of the availability of Federal Work-Study monies
  • Work-Study monies cannot be used to pay students for writing a thesis/dissertation or for doing research that is only for the purpose of completing a graduate degree
  • Graduate Work-Study is awarded to the department at $3,290 per unit
  • It is University Policy to balance ledgers on a monthly basis
  • The total amount paid to the student is deducted from the Work-Study award (not just the 75% paid by Work-Study)
  • Work-Study Guidelines
  • GSR Cost Calculator (Scroll to TA/GSR Appointments)