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Important Updates

What You Need to Know About Work-Study

When will Work-Study Appear on the ledger?

Work-Study splits will not appear on your ledger until the completed and signed Work-Study Employment Eligibility Forms have been returned to the Work-Study Coordinator (WSC) and the award entered into PPS. To ensure accuracy check your ledgers monthly to catch any discrepancies and make corrections quickly.

Account Reconciliation and Discrepancy Process
  • Departments are responsible for the monthly ledger and account review to ensure that Work-Study funds are appropriately expended and split.
  • When a discrepancy is found by the department, they work with the WSC to identify the problem. Before an EDLR is processed, the department must contact the WSC for permission to process the EDLR in PPS.
  • When a discrepancy is found by the Funds Manager, they will notify the WSC to contact the department with the identified problem.
  • If the departmental staff can resolve the problem, they must do so in a timely fashion. If they cannot, they need to call Payroll to obtain assistance in resolving the PPS problem.

Each year during the spring quarter, departments will receive the deadline for reconciling year end discrepancies. This deadline is non-negotiable due to the aid year close out process. Therefore, ELDR’s will not be processed after the deadline. It is imperative for each department to assure monthly reconciliation of their accounts and alert the WSC of any discrepancies before the deadline.

Transfers of Work-Study funds

Departments transferring funds involving work-study accounts should use the EDLR function (Rx/Lx) in PPS. Note: You must obtain approval from the WSC before processing the EDLR. Approvals for transfers are not guaranteed if you did not follow the process outlined on the Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the department to ensure work-study is charged correctly and in a timely manner.

Important PPS Screens

EAPP Screen

The EAPP Screen for Work-Study appointments should have two distribution lines one with the work-study code and one without the code. This is required because benefits (holidays, vacation and sick leave) as well as overtime pay cannot be charged to work-study. Each distribution line must have the same percentage that is reflected on the appointment line. Hire the students as "POSITIVE" time reporting rather than "exception" to prevent the student from getting paid on both distributions.

IFNW Screen

Once the form is received, the WSC will input the award limit into the Payroll system, which will allow departments to charge Work-Study for the student's earnings. You can check to see if this has been done by looking at the IFNW screen in PPS. In IFNW, you can see the current aid year, the work-study code and the award amount from the Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form. If you have returned a signed form and there is no information in the IFNW screen, please contact the WSC immediately.

IERN Screen

The IERN screen will show the work-study/non-work-study split on each paycheck.


Students whose financial aid applications are selected for verification will not have their work-study awards processed until verification of the FAFSA or California Dream Act application information has been processed. These students are notified of verification requirements and need to submit the necessary paperwork to the Financial Aid Office before work-study can be awarded. Advise your students to submit the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible. The work-study award will not be retroactive to July 1, but only to the date that verification is completed and work-study can be accepted. If the student does not meet the posted verification deadline, it is possible that work-study eligibility will be lost.

Changes That May Affect Work-Study Eligibility

Work-Study funding is subject to change based on changes to the student’s financial aid eligibility such as not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, or changes in student’s EFC or financial need. In addition, if the student participates in the Planned Education Leave Program (PELP), reduces course units, withdraws or is dismissed from school, they will no longer be eligible for work-study funds. The student should also notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in enrollment.  Once the WSC is notified, a new updated Work-Study Employment Eligibility form will be generated and sent to the department for signatures. The WSC will enter the new award limits in PPS and the department should check for the new award limits on IFNW.

Time Reporting and Non-eligible Hours for Work-Study

The hiring department is required to have all work-study students report their time in the Time Reporting System (TRS) and all hours must be approved by their supervisor online. 

Hours that cannot be charged to work-study include:

  • 100% of any time exceeding the work-study amount
  • Holiday, sick leave, overtime, and vacation, if worked sufficient hours to become eligible.
  • Hours submitted after the established June 30 payroll deadline each year.

For these hours, a department must use non-work-study funding to pay the student.

Additional Pertinent Information

  • Work-Study earnings are taxable.
  • Work-Study payments are not to precede the effective date on the Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form
  • It is University Policy to balance ledgers on a monthly basis.
  • The total amount paid to the student is deducted from the Federal Work-Study award (not just the 75% paid by Work-Study).