Hiring an Undergraduate Student with Work-Study

Work-Study for Undergraduates

Work-Study is administered by Financial Aid and Scholarships to students on a fiscal year basis based on financial eligibility and availability of funds. For undergraduates, the funding period is July 1 through June 30. Students awarded Work-Study will not be paid retroactively. Their start date must not precede the student's Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form effective date (which will be entered when the form is requested).

How to Hire an Undergraduate Work-Study Employee

  • Update the job vacancy to reflect the new fiscal year work period
  • Request the Work-Study Eligibility Certificate from the student employee (Students can print the Certificate from their MyAwards)
  • Verify student can produce required employment eligibility documentation:
  • Submit a Work-Study Eligibility Form Request
    • Provide the student’s name, Student I.D. (not the Social Security Number), the approved vacancy listing number, and the departmental contact information
  • The Work-Study Coordinator will confirm that the student is eligible for Work-Study and that all verification requirements have been met. Once complete, the Work-Study Coordinator will send the Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form to the email provided in the request
  • When you receive the Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form:
    • Complete and obtain all signatures
    • Set up the new appointments and distributions in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) using the Work-Study code on the Federal Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form
      • For TRS Users: It is recommended that the Work-Study appointment and distribution line should be under 50% (i.e. 24%). 
      • It is recommended that the non-Work-Study appointment and distribution line should be at 1%
    • Return the completed, signed Work-Study Employment Eligibility Form to the Work-Study Coordinator in order to have the award limits entered into PPS
    • Please follow the Department Guidelines for entering Work-Study
  • Check for the new award limit on the IFNW screen in PPS before processing payroll