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Important Updates

Timesheets and Non-eligible Hours


  • After all hours worked have been posted to the timesheet, the authorized supervisor and the student must sign in ink. Timesheets without signatures cannot be processed. 
  • Time records should show total hours worked each day. Time should be calculated to the nearest quarter hours   (.25, .50, .75).
  • The supervisor must initial any corrections to the timesheet in ink.
  • Employers should make copies of the timesheets for their records.
  • Incomplete timesheets will result in a delay in processing.

Non-eligible Hours for Work-Study

  • Hours worked prior to the effective eligibility date listed on the signed eligibility form.
  • 100% of any time resulting in the exceeding of the Work-Study award amount.
  • Holiday, sick leave, overtime, and vacation, if worked sufficient hours to become eligible.
  • Hours submitted after the June payroll deadline each year.