Timesheets and Non-eligible Hours for Work-Study


  • After all hours worked have been posted to the timesheet, the authorized supervisor and the student must sign in ink. Timesheets without signatures cannot be processed. To verify the timesheet is signed by an authorized member of an organization, we require employers to provide samples of authorized signatures on the Signature Authorization Form.  
  • Time records should show total hours worked each day. Time should be calculated to the nearest quarter hours.  .25, .50, .75
  • The supervisor must initial any corrections to the timesheet in ink.
  • Employers should make copies of the timesheets for their records.
  • Incomplete timesheets will result in a delay in processing.

Non-eligible Hours for Work-Study

  • Hours worked prior to the student being entered into TRS and the work-study department receiving the signed eligibility form.
  • 100% of any time resulting in the exceeding of the work-study award amount.
  • Holiday, sick leave, overtime, and vacation, if worked sufficient hours to become eligible.
  • Hours submitted after the June payroll deadline each year.