Consumer Information

It is important to be an educated consumer. This section gives you an overview of UC Davis for prospective and current students. This includes tools,  resources, and requirements as a UC Davis financial aid recipient.

  • For School of Law and Health Systems students: please contact your respective Financial Aid Office.
  • For all other students, please refer to the information in this section.

If you need assistance obtaining information listed or you would like a paper copy, contact your respective Financial Aid Office.

General Information about UC Davis

The general information section includes links to UC Davis procedures regarding Student Privacy (FERPA), Cost of Attendance, Withdrawal policy and how seperation from UC Davis effects Financial Aid.

Information about Student Financial Assistance

Find out more information about student financial assistance as a prospective or enrolled student on how to apply and received Financial Aid, and requirements on maintaining Financial Aid eligiblity.

Rights and Responsibilities

Learn about your general rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.

Disbursements and Direct Deposit

Learn about how to ensure your financial aid disburses to your student account and receive any remaining credit balance.

Changes That May Affect Your Aid

From verification, to changes in enrollment and outside awards, review changes that may affect your aid for the reasons in which your financial aid package may be adjusted.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that the UC Davis Financial Aid Office establish standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) that measure a student’s progress toward degree completion using both qualitative and quantitative measures. To remain eligible for financial aid, students must meet the SAP requirements.

Return of Title IV funds and Refund Policies

The Financial Aid Office is required by federal regulations to calculate a refund of fees and return of aid for all students who cease to be enrolled during a quarter/semester. This includes cancellations, official or unofficial withdrawals, dismissals, or participation in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP). For details on how these regulations may affect you, please review the Return to Title IV Funds document. The policy applies to students who discontinue enrollment in all classes on or after the first day of the term. The Return to Title IV Funds is the amount of unearned aid you received at the beginning of the term that must be returned to the federal, state and institutional aid programs. Any aid received in excess of the earned amount is considered unearned. The earned portion is calculated on a daily basis using calendar days from the first day of instruction.

Health and Safety

Student wellness and well-being both play important roles in student's success, for more information on UC Davis policy and processes regarding these topics please visit this section.

Student Outcomes

In compliance with consumer information requirements, review Student Outcomes to learn more about graduate and retention rates.

Questions regarding Financial Aid and Compliance? Email us at