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  • If you have been selected for verification, the deadline is June 15, 2023.  Please review your email for instructions.
  • For California Middle Class Scholarship updates, please visit MCS.
  • For Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief information, please visit Apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief.

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Hot Topics of the Week!

Based on inquiries by phone and email, below are the top five topics of the week. 

  • How do I apply for Summer Financial Aid?

  • Your registration serves as your application for summer financial aid. Students will be packaged in the order that they register for classes. In order to be eligible for summer financial aid, you would have to enroll in at least 6 units for the summer which can be combined between both summer sessions or taken together all in one session. It is up to the student to inform our office of any unit adjustments, as it may affect their financial aid eligibility. Visit the Summer Session webpage for additional information.

  • I am enrolled in less than 6 units for summer session 1, but at least 6 units between summer session 1 and 2? Will my aid be disbursed for the summer session 1 fee payment deadline?

  • Prior to the payment deadline, all authorized aid for the term will be credited to the student's UC Davis account. This will appear as Estimated Financial Aid and will apply towards the balance due. Current balances, and previous billing statements, can be viewed online at MyBill.

    Students enrolled in less than six (6) units during Summer Session 1/Special Sessions are responsible for paying Summer Session 1/Special Session fees by the deadline. If students are combining units between Session 1/Special Session and Session 2 to meet the 6-unit requirement, aid will not disburse until Summer Session 2. 

    For more information visit Summer Billing and Disbursement

  • I am taking a total of 12+ units during summer sessions however my financial aid does not fully cover the cost during summer. I usually get my full bill covered during the regular academic year however during summer I have to pay an amount. Why is this?

  • Please note that summer tuition and fees are billed by the unit, unlike the regular academic year. For summer 2023 the amount is $279 per unit and there is a summer campus fee of $373.19 per session. For more questions regarding summer billing, please visit Summer Fees and Aid.

  • How will my financial aid change if I change my housing from On to Off campus? Can you tell me how my financial aid will change next year?

  • Since off-campus housing is less expensive than on-campus housing, your budget would be reduced, and you will be receiving less financial aid compared to on-campus housing. Therefore, you will receive the same coverage, but less financial aid due to the decrease in budget. 

    If you are initially packaged as an on-campus student based on your 2023-24 FAFSA or CADAA, but our office verifies that you have no on-campus housing fees, we will revise your financial aid awards.

    For details on housing expenses visit Cost of Attendance Definitions.  

  • If I plan to take a 5th year, how will my financial aid be impacted?

  • Regardless of which year a student is enrolled, students who plan to receive financial aid for the next school year must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. These standards include receiving a cumulative 2.0 GPA and passing 67% of attempted units. Maximum timeframe along with a FAFSA/ Dream Act application for the following school year by the March 2nd deadline. Please note that lifetime eligibility may be impacted with Cal Grant. For more information regarding Cal Grant eligibility, refer to the CSAC website.

  • If my Expected Family Contribution (EFC) no longer reflects my family’s true income, can I receive a reevaluation of my financial aid?

  • Students who have already submitted their SIR have the option to submit an EFC appeal when the appeal becomes available on July 1, 2023.  If an entering student’s FAFSA or CADAA does not accurately reflect their income for this current year, they may complete a Preliminary Special Circumstances Appeal. Instructions and required documents can be found there.

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