Appeal Process

Denial of Aid

Students who fail to meet SAP are no longer eligible to receive financial aid, and will be notified shortly after the annual evaluation.

How to Appeal

Students who lose financial aid eligibility due to SAP issues may submit a written appeal to the Financial Aid Office using the SAP Appeal form. The form varies depending on whether you are an undergraduate, graduate/professional or health system student.  Circumstances warranting an appeal include: injury or illness of the student, death of a relative, or other extenuating circumstances. When filing an appeal, provide a full explanation along with detailed documentation (i.e. minimum progress waiver, medical diagnosis) verifying the circumstances that led to your inability to meet SAP. It is also important to examine ways to eliminate your deficiencies, and provide us with a realistic plan towards reaching graduation. 

Graduation Plans (applies to Maximum Timeframe only)

If you must submit a Graduation Plan as a condition of your approved appeal, your financial aid will not disburse until the Financial Aid Office confirms you are adhering to your Graduation Plan. Your ability to adhere to the units and courses specified in your Graduation Plan will be closely monitored. Failure to adhere to your Graduation Plan will delay aid disbursement and may result in suspension of your eligibility for financial aid.

Appeal Deadline

Refer to the appeal form for deadlines. Appeals are not considered retroactively. 


Students with an approved appeal are placed on probation for the following quarter and their academic progress is monitored to ensure that they meet the conditions of their corrective plan. Once the Financial Aid Office determines that SAP was met for the probationary term, the student will return to good SAP status for the remainder of the academic year. If SAP is not met during the probationary quarter, financial aid will be canceled.

Please note:

The UC Davis Financial Aid Office cannot confirm that probation conditions are met until after the grades are posted on the student's records, and the academic standing and GPA are recalculated. This may occur after the fee deadline, and in this case, you may need to make alternative payment arrangements. An example of alternative payments could be alternative loans or the Deferred Payment Plan.

Denied Appeals

If a SAP appeal is denied, a Secondary Appeal may be considered. When filing a Secondary Appeal, submit your new and/or additional extenuating circumstances that explain why you were not able to maintain SAP. The decision on a Secondary Appeal is final.