Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)


To ensure full financial aid disbursement, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units per term.

Federal regulations require the UC Davis Financial Aid Office establish Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These standards measure qualitative and quantitative requirements and maximum timeframe for a student’s progress toward degree completion. To be eligible for financial aid, students must meet these standards. Failure to maintain these standards will result in suspension of your financial aid eligibility.

2018-2019 Academic year Changes:

For the 2018-2019 academic year, there are several changes to the UC Davis review of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Maximum Timeframe Standards. These changes will apply to the annual SAP and Maximum Timeframe review of academic progress in July 2018, and will affect 2018-2019 aid.

  • Pace: Students must complete a minimum of 67% of cumulative attempted coursework/units for their program versus annually.
  • Maximum Timeframe: Units attempted (versus terms attempted) may not exceed 150% of the published program unit requirement.
  • Workload-Remedial courses will no longer count towards attempted/completed hours for the annual SAP review.
  • Annual evaluation: Maximum Timeframe will be reviewed annually in July versus every term.

Please Note:

  • Financial Aid standards are separate and distinct from general academic policies. For academic policies, please refer to the General Catalog or review information on qualitative and quantitative standards outlined under Scholastic Deficiencies. If you need assistance or have questions relating to general academic requirements, please contact an advisor in your program or department.
  • Minimum progress waivers do not apply to Financial Aid SAP standards.
  • SAP quantitative standards apply to all coursework attempted, including coursework for which the student did not receive financial aid.
  • If you separate from the University and you are not maintaining SAP standards, you may need to submit a SAP Appeal when returning to the University for financial aid eligibility consideration--a student's SAP status does not automatically update at the time of readmission.
  • If you are not meeting SAP standards you will have a financial aid hold on your MyAwards.

Regaining Eligibility

If students meet SAP standards by the annual evaluation they may regain financial aid eligibility for the following academic year. In general, the annual SAP evaluation occurs in July.