Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Maximum Timeframe Standards effective until July 2018

Undergraduate, Graduate and Veterinary Medicine

  • SAP (Qualitative, Quantitative and Pace) is annually evaluated in July.
  • Maximum Timeframe is evaluated each term.

Professional Schools

Students attending the Schools of Law, Health, or University Extension are covered by criteria established by their respective schools.

SAP Standards Minimum Requirement

Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) as indicated below:

  • Undergraduate: 2.0
  • Graduate: 3.0
  • Veterinary Medicine: 2.0
  • Students must complete a minimum of 67% of cumulative attempted coursework/units for the academic year (see Quantitative Standard below).
  • Students must also meet cumulative pace (see Pace Schedule chart below).
Maximum Timeframe Terms attempted may not exceed 150% of the published length of your program (see Maximum Timeframe chart below).

Quantitative Standard

Per Federal Regulations, all students must complete a minimum of 67% of his or her enrolled units for each academic year. Please refer to the chart below for examples:

Units Attempted Units Completed Financial Aid SAP Quantitate Measure 67% Minimum Completion SAP Standards Met?
45 units 36 units 36 ÷ 45 = 80% Yes
45 units 30 units 30 ÷ 45 = 67% Yes
45 units 28 units 28 ÷ 45 = 62% No
39 units 35 units 35 ÷ 39 = 90% Yes
39 units 25 units 25 ÷ 39 = 64% No

Pace Schedule: Minimum Units Completed per Term

For terms where students receive reduced fees based on the Part-Time Status or the Career Staff Reduced Fee Program, these count as 0.5 of a term, and required 5 units to meet pace.

The chart below shows the minimum units an undergraduate must complete per term to stay on pace to finish their degree within their program's maximum 150% timeframe.

Term Units Required
1st term 10 units
2nd term 20 units
3rd term 30 units
4th term 40 units
5th term 50 units
6th term 60 units
7th term 70 units
8th term 80 units
9th term 90 units
10th term 100 units
11th term 110 units
12th term 120 units
13th term 130 units
14th term 140 units
15th term 150 units
16th term 160 units
17th term 170 units
18th term 180 units

Maximum Timeframe for Financial Aid Purposes:

Regardless whether or not a student has met their maximum timeframe, students are not eligible for additional financial aid funds beyond completion of their degree requirements.

Degree Program Maximum Terms/Semesters Attempted (150%) * +
Undergraduate 18 terms of full-time enrollment
Second Baccalaureate** 18 terms of full-time enrollment (including undergraduate terms)
Masters 9 terms of full-time enrollment
Doctorate 21 terms of full-time enrollment
Veterinary Medicine 13 semesters of full-time enrollment

* Degree programs and lengths vary. See the General Catalog for the exact length of your program.

** For students considering a Second Baccalaureate refer to admissions for application and eligibility requirements.

+ If enrolled in the Part-Time Status or the Career Staff Reduced Fee Program this counts as 0.5 of a term.

Pursuit of a Double Major or Minor

In general students who pursue multiple majors or minors will not have additional financial aid eligibility beyond the Maximum Timeframe established in this policy. 

Successful Completion of Units

To successfully complete units, you must receive a grade of A, B, C, D, or P (S for graduate students) in a course.  Grades of F, I, NP (U for graduate students), and NG do not count as successful completion of coursework attempted.

Coursework Considered Completed Units and Count Toward GPA?
Remedial Coursework

Remedial coursework count as units completed.

Transfer Coursework

Transfer coursework accepted for credit count as units completed. Number of units completed divided by 15 equals quarters used toward Maximum Timeframe.

AP Coursework

AP coursework accepted for credit count as units completed. Number of units completed divided by 15 equals quarters used toward Maximum Timeframe.

Repeat Coursework

Repeated courses and GPA are treated in accordance with the University’s academic policy as outlined in the General Catalog. If the Office of the University Registrar counts repeat coursework as completed units, this will count equally for SAP.

Summer Session(s)

For SAP, all coursework completed in summer sessions after matriculation count as units completed and toward cumulative GPA for the upcoming academic year: for example, Summer 2017 completed coursework counts towards 2017-2018 SAP.

Summer (Summer Session 1, 2 and Special Sessions) is considered one term for Financial Aid purposes:

  • If enrolled in less than 12 units total, Summer counts as 0.5 of a term towards Maximum Timeframe and pace.
  • If enrolled in 12 or more units total, Summer counts as 1 term towards Maximum Timeframe and pace.
  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units total to receive Summer financial aid.
Part-Time/Career Staff Reduced Fees

Official part-time or career staff student status counts as 0.5 terms towards Maximum Timeframe and pace. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units for aid disbursement.

Treatment of Cancellations/Dismissals/Withdrawals/PELP and Retroactive Withdrawal

Cancellations/Dismissals/Withdrawals/PELP do not count as units attempted; however, separating from the university on or after the first day of instruction will cause that term to count toward the Maximum Timeframe and pace.

If you are approved to be retroactively withdrawn from your courses after instruction is completed the term will still count toward the Maximum Timeframe and pace.