Graduate and Professional Student Forms

If the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office requests additional information, you may need to obtain one of the forms listed below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8 to view these forms. All graduate students (U.S. citizens only) are required to file the FAFSA or Dream Act Application by March 2nd to receive priority consideration for fellowships, block grants, GAANN Fellowships, stipends, loans, fee remissions, and work-study funds.

Form and Description 2017-2018
Affidavit: Certification of Citizenship/Nationality Documentation
If not coming in person, this form must be notarized and sent along with copies of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or U.S. citizenship/nationailty documents.
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Alternate Student Expense Budget Request
Used by students to request Alternate Student Budgets.
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Applying for Financial Aid
Information on applying for Federal, State and/or Univeristy funding using either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application.
Application Process
Change in Aid: Enrollment Status Change Form
Inform our office if you will not attend the university for a term(s).
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Change in Aid: Student Loans OR Work-Study Change Form
Request changes to your loan(s) or Work-Study amount.
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Change in Aid: Outside Financial Assistance Reporting Form
Report external aid such as outside agency scholarships, stipends, etc.

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Change in Aid: Part-Time OR Career Staff Change Form
Inform our office when you will be changing your full-time enrollment status.

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Child Care Funding Request
Used by students to request funding for child care expenses.
Child Care Information
Citizenship Documentation
Lists the types of documentation required to verify citizenship status.
Computer Purchase Program Request
Used by students to request loan funding to purchase a computer.

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Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)
Application to request to pay Registration Fees on a quarterly payment basis.


(through Student Accounting)

Direct Deposit Online
UC Davis Direct Deposit enrollment Web site.

Online Enrollment

(through Student Accounting)

Documenting Additional Expenses
For use by students to request consideration of additional expenses that exceed the standard budget.
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Documenting Additional Transportation: School of Education Only
For use by students in the School of Education Credential program to document transportation costs that exceed the standard budget.
Available October 1, 2017
Emergency, Short-Term, and Assistant Loan Program
Used by students to apply for Short-Term Loans from UC Davis.
Loan Information & Application
Emil M. Mrak Student Loan Program
For graduate students in an agricultural-related field of study.
Loan Information & Application
Federal Direct Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling Website
All students taking out loans must attend entrance counseling before receiving funds. And when approaching graduation, and before leaving school, students are required to attend exit counseling to assess their loan indebtedness and to receive a repayment schedule.
Graduate PLUS Loan Application
Apply for Graduate PLUS loans online at

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Fee Reduction Program
Information about GRE Fee Reduction Certificates at UC Davis.
GRE Fee Reduction Program
Prior-Year Debt Online Request
For students who have been notified of a prior-year debt affecting their financial aid.
Online Request Information
Release of Financial Aid Information to an Institution
Form to request release of financial aid information to an institution.
Institution Release
Release of Financial Aid Information to Third Party Individual(s)
Form to request release of financial aid information to Third-Party Individual(s).
Third-Party Release
Request to Pay Professional and Dual Degree Graduate Students
For departmental use when requesting payment to current UC Davis students. Be sure to read the corresponding instructions before processing the request for payment.
Request for Payment
Return to Title IV Information and Sample Calculations
For students who are receiving financial aid and considering withdrawing from school or taking Planned Educational Leave (PELP).
Return of Aid Information
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards for Financial Aid
Maximum Term Limits, Unit and GPA Requirements to maintain financial aid eligiblity.
SAP Standards
SAP Appeal
To request special consideration for students with SAP deficiencies.
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SAP Graduation Plan
Planning tool to correct SAP deficiencies, required for SAP Maximum Terms Appeals only.
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Family Contribution Appeal Form for Review of Student Contribution (Special Circumstance)
To request a review of special circumstances that may affect a student's eligibility for financial aid.

Family Contribution Review