Rhodes Scholarship

Dates and Deadlines

Pre-application deadline:
May 15, 2017

Campus application deadline:
August 23, 2017

Scholarship application deadline:
October 4, 2017


Rhodes Scholars receive the full cost of university tuition and fees, a living expense, and travel to and from the United States for up to three (3) years towards a graduate degree at University of Oxford, England.


  1. U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, or a citizen of a different eligible country
  2. Be a senior and plan to graduate in the current academic year, or a recent graduate
  3. Must apply and be accepted into a graduate program at University of Oxford, England
  4. Must be 18-23 years old at the application deadline

Candidate Profile

Applicants should demonstrate the ability to be a leader in their field and should be most likely to make positive contributions to the world. Applicants should have substantial achievements and excellent academics. Applicants should have five (5), but no more than eight (8), letters of recommendation; at least four (4) must be from faculty. While there is not a specified GPA requirement, competitive applicants should have a GPA worthy of acceptance to a U.S. graduate school.

Applicants should have a desire to study at the University of Oxford, England and should also have a clear sense of what the University of Oxford would gain from their presence at the University. In order to build a competitive application, applicants should research specific programs and professors that would make the strongest fit for academic and career goals.

Scholarship Website

U.S. Application:  rhodesscholar.org

International Application:  rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/about/rhodes-countries

Campus Procedure

Applicants must be endorsed by UC Davis for their application to be considered. A campus interview will be conducted for all applicants who meet the qualifying criteria to determine who will receive campus endorsements. UC Davis will only endorse students who the committee feels have a legitimate chance of winning the Rhodes scholarship.

To be considered for endorsement, applicants need to submit completed copies of the following documents to the Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarship Office at scholarships@ucdavis.edu

  1. Rhodes Scholarship Preliminary Application (pdf)
  2. Applicant Profile
  3. Rhodes online application