Donald A. Strauss Scholarship

Dates and Deadlines

Campus application deadline:
February 10, 2017

Scholarship application deadline:
March 1, 2017


Winners receive up to $10,000 to fund a public service project. Winners also attend a 1 day meeting of all Strauss Scholarship recipients to report on the public service project.


  1. Students from any country can apply
  2. Sophomore or Junior at time of application
  3. Top 1/3 of class ranking

Candidate Profile

Applicants should be outstanding leaders with strong communication skills and a demonstrated interest in public service that displays a desire to “make a difference” in local, regional, national, or international communities.

The application requires an innovative, original, public service proposal and applicants will need to dedicate time and effort to submit a well-researched and compelling proposal. 

Scholarship Website

Campus Procedure

UC Davis may nominate a limited number of students for the national competition. A campus interview will be conducted for all applicants who meet the qualifying criteria to determine who will receive campus nomination. To be considered for campus nomination a student needs to submit completed copies of the following documents to the Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarship Office at

  1. Applicant Profile
  2. Strauss Public Service Proposal