Types of Financial Aid

The type of funding a student is eligible for is determined by information from a student's FAFSA or California Dream Act Application. Depending on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), our office may offer you a variety of assistance that may be comprised of more than one award type. Factors that may affect your eligibility for financial aid include income level, enrollment status, or grade point average.

Admitted or continuing students must log in to MyAwards to view their aid package and requirements. Below are the types of aid that might be included in your aid package.

Types of Aid General Information
Grants Facts about Federal, State and institutional grants, and information regarding eligibility, rules and regulation.
Loans Details about Federal, institutional, and third-party loans, including terms, requirements, repayment and consolidation.
Scholarships Information regarding available scholarships and the application process.
Work-Study A resource for UC Davis students seeking work-study opportunities to fund their education.

Tuition Assistance Programs

There are three programs that are aligned to family income and help students pay for tuition and fees at UC Davis.

Program Highlights
Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan Your family earns less than $80,000
Aggie Grant Plan Your family earns from $80,000 to $120,000
Middle Class Scholarship Your family earns up to $171,000

Summer, Study Abroad and Other Programs

Defined Assistance Programs