Study Abroad

Financial Aid for Students Participating in a Study Abroad Program

Students at UC Davis can choose to study abroad through one of the programs administered through the UC Davis Study Abroad office. Students can also study abroad through an Independent Study Abroad program. Please note that you must file the FAFSA or a Dream Act Application to receive financial aid. You can also refer to the UC Davis Study Abroad website for exploring the study abroad experience.

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

The UC Davis Study Abroad office sends the names of all confirmed Education Abroad Program (EAP) participants to the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office then receives your particular EAP program budget from the UCEAP office in Santa Barbara. Budgets and other pertinent information are available on the UCEAP website. Please note that it is really important that you become familiar with this website. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will report your financial aid information to the UCEAP office which is then applied to your MyEAP acccount to pay program fees. Enrolling in e-refund (direct deposit) will ensure that you will receive your refund if there is any remaining aid. Any changes to your aid package will be reported to your MyEAP account after 30 days so please be sure your aid is ready at least 30 days before your program departure date. 

Independent Study Abroad

In order to participate in an independent study abroad program during the academic terms of Fall, Winter or Spring Quarters, you must apply for Independent Leave through the Study Abroad Office. By applying for Independent Study Abroad Leave, you can retain your UC Davis student status, email, PASS time, etc. Please note, the Independent Leave Process is not offered for summer terms. For more information, please visit the UC Davis Study Abroad website or contact the Study Abroad Advisor for Independent Programs, Tiffany Macias-Silva at

Financial Aid is not available for Independent Study Abroad programs. Funding and scholarship opportunities may be available through your Independent Provider or Host University. Please contact your Independent Study Abroad Provider for more information. If you would like for financial aid to assist with studying abroad, please select and participate in a UC Davis or UCEAP abroad program or visit the Study Abroad website for available programs.

Quarter Abroad

The Quarter Abroad Office sends the list of participants to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for packaging. Students are packaged based on UC Davis’ standard budget, and students have the option to increase their direct loans or apply for outside scholarships and/or loans. For general information on this program, please refer to the Quarter Abroad website.

Summer Study Abroad

To qualify for financial aid for summer study abroad, students must have a current year FAFSA or a Dream Act Application on file. For more information regarding the summer financial aid process, please refer to our summer financial aid website. For general information about this program, please refer to the Summer Abroad website.

Support Letters for Visa Applications, or Proof of Financial Aid

If you are a financial aid recipient, you may request a support letter for your visa application by completing and submitting a request form available in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. You will be notified via email once your support letter is available within 5 to 7 business days of your request. Please be sure to have a copy of your program budget as you will be required to submit it along with your request form.  

Direct Deposit

EAP: Sign for eRefund up with UCEAP

Independent Study/Quarter/Summer Abroad: Sign up for Direct Deposit with UC Davis Student Accounting