Short-Term and Emergency Loans

If you are experiencing a temporary shortage of funds, you may request an Emergency Loan and a Short-Term Loan Monday through Friday during instruction excluding holidays by 9:30 a.m. Please limit your requests to cover costs related educational expenses as found in the Cost of Attendance.

Read this disclosure regarding institutional loans.

Review the following information before completing the application process. 

Loan Types

  • Emergency Student Loans - Maximum loan of $500.
  • Short-Term Loans - Maximum loan of $1,500.
  • Assistant Loan (limited to graduate students) - Maximum loan of $1,500.

Amount subject to approval based on repayment source and must be repaid within 30 days to avoid finance charges.


  • Open to all registered UC Davis students during the term for which the loan is applied.  


  • Students are limited to one Emergency Loan and one Short-Term Loan per quarter.
  • Students that currently have an amount owing on an Emergency Loan or Short-Term Loan are not eligible for the loan.
  • Students that currently have an amount owing on their student account of greater than $100 are not eligible for the loan.

Sources of Repayment

  • Financial Aid: All requirements are satisfied and aid is ready to disburse within 30 days of the loan date. No documentation necessary. 
  • Your Parents: You will be asked to provide a signed statement from your parents. Option is only available to dependent undergraduates.
  • Employment or Teaching Assistant Positions: A Job Verification Letter will be required.
  • VA Benefits: Provide a letter from the Veteran's Affairs Office verifying benefits.

Signature and I.D. Requirements

  • If your loan application is submitted by the 9:30 a.m. time limit, we will phone you by 2 P.M. that same day after your loan is reviewed. Be sure to include a valid phone number on the application where you can be contacted.
  • If the loan is approved, additional loan documentation will be required. An appointment time will be scheduled for you to complete a Promissory Note and Truth-In-Lending Statement. Please bring your Student I.D. card to 1100 Dutton Hall during your scheduled appointment.


  • Emergency Student Loans: You will receive a cash voucher from the Financial Aid Office. Redeem the voucher at the Cashier's Office, 1200 Dutton Hall, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Short-Term Loan: Your refund will be processed by Student Accounting within 2-3 business days. 


The Emergency, Short-Term and Assistant Loan Program is available to students on the following dates each quarter:

Term Undegraduate Students Graduate Students
Fall Quarter 2014 September 2 – November 12 August 19 – November 7
Winter Quarter 2015 December 2 – February 13
(Not available during winter break, December 20 - January 4)
December 2 – February 13
(Not available during winter break, December 20 - January 4)
Spring Quarter 2015 February 25 – May 4 February 25 – May 4
Summer Session 1 2015
(emergency loans only)
June 22 - July 1 not available during summer
Summer Sessions 1 and 2 2015
(emergency loans only)
June 22 - August 12 not available during summer
Summer Session 2 2015
(emergency loans only)
August 3 - August 12 not available during summer


Access the application using the link below: