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Important Updates

Consumer Information

Campus Strike Update:

January 9, 2023: Excerpt from email from Mary Croughan, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor:

We are very happy the four UAW bargaining units reached agreements with the University of California in December, and that we are moving forward together. Information will continue to be shared through deans and department chairs as we work to implement the new contract terms.

Some instructors of record were impacted by the strike and could not submit all of their letter grades by the December 28 deadline. This may result in NG or you may see grades are missing in your Student Record.

If our systems indicate you are currently on academic probation due to one or more NGs or missing grades on your student record, please know that your academic standing will be reassessed when a final grade is recorded.

Instructors of record are being asked to submit letter grades no later than February 13.

Strike-related announcements can still be found on the Academic Affairs website, and you are still able to submit questions to

It is important to be an educated consumer. This section gives you an overview of UC Davis for prospective and current students. This includes tools, resources, and requirements as a UC Davis financial aid recipient.

  • For School of Law and Health Systems students: please contact your respective Financial Aid Office.
  • For all other students, please refer to the information in this section.

If you need assistance obtaining the information listed or you would like a paper copy, contact your respective Financial Aid Office.