Important Updates

  • The 2024-25 FAFSA and CADAA applications will open in December 2023. Visit FAFSA Simplification for details.
  • UC Davis students who are victims of the Maui Fires may be eligible for funding. Visit Basic Needs for details.
  • If you have been selected for verification, please complete the requirements as soon as possible. For details, visit Verification.
  • For California Middle Class Scholarship updates, please visit MCS.

UC Education Abroad Program

The UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) is the University of California’s education abroad program open to all students attending any one of the 10 UC campuses. With over 400 programs in 42 countries, students will have the opportunity to study at a host university with local students and immerse themselves in the language, culture, food, and traditions of their host country. To locate and apply for a UCEAP program, please contact the UC Davis Study Abroad Office or visit

UCEAP determines your program costs. Financial Aid and Scholarships will utilize cost information provided by UCEAP to adjust your overall Cost of Attendance on MyAwards. All participants will be screened for their eligibility to receive UCEAP-specific funding on top of their financial aid on MyAwards. You will be notified via email once all adjustments to MyAwards are complete. UC Davis is responsible for transferring your accepted financial aid to UCEAP’s Finance Office where they will apply your financial aid directly to your program fees.

In addition to the Study Abroad Checklist, you should:

  • After confirmation of your acceptance, review items in your Pre-departure checklist and submit a request to Financial Aid and Scholarships should your host country require a Visa Support Letter. It takes 5-7 business days to generate a support letter.
  • If you are expecting a financial aid refund, sign up for an eRefund through your MyEAP Portal account or email UCEAP Student Finance for further assistance.
  • All accepted aid will be transferred electronically to UCEAP’s Finance Office located in Santa Barbara and UCEAP will disburse your awards and issue you any eligible financial aid refunds. If you are doing a Year Program, your financial aid refunds may be divided into more than one disbursement.
  • Review your EAP Portal account and make a payment towards any remaining balance financial aid does not cover by the Final Fee Payment Date for your program.
  • Accept the Code of Academic Conduct and acknowledge that you have begun academic activity for all registered courses in each quarter attended before the posted deadline. For more information, please visit Academic Participation.

Please note, if purchasing SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan), UC Davis will continue to charge you for SHIP fees through MyBill, however, program fees are assessed by UCEAP through your MyEAP account. Financial aid will apply to SHIP fees before it is transferred to the UCEAP Office.

Direct Deposit/Payment

  • To sign up for eRefund, please login onto your MyEAP portal account.
  • To make a payment towards the remaining balance, please email UCEAP Student Finance.