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  • What do I need to do to be considered part-time for the winter quarter?
  • Students will first need to petition for part-time status with the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). Once a student is confirmed with OUR as having part-time status for the quarter, tuition adjustments will be made within 1- 2 business weeks. Financial Aid and Scholarships will generally reduce a part-time student’s aid by the same amount that OUR reduces tuition. This reduction in aid will be reflected 4-6 business weeks after OUR’s tuition adjustment.
  • If I enroll in less than 12 units for the winter quarter, will I still get my full Cal Grant?
  • Both the Cal Grant and the Pell Grant are unit-sensitive which means that if a student is enrolled in less than 12 units, and is not officially registered as part-time, only a percentage of these grants will be disbursed, based on the number of units in which the student is enrolled. Visit Changes That May Affect Your Aid for details.

  • How is a student eligible for the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan? 
  • Students with a total household income of $80,000 or less are eligible for the Blue and Gold Opportunity Program. Eligible students will be offered gift aid in the amount of systemwide - or base - tuition and fees for the amount of $12,570. The types of aid include, but are not limited to, scholarships offered through the school or an outside agency, Cal Grant, University Grant, and Pell Grant, the total of which will not exceed eligibility.

  • When will I receive my refund check for the winter disbursement of financial aid? 
  • If the amount of financial aid a student is receiving is more than the sum of expenses, the difference is what the student will be receiving as a refund. The refund amount will display as a negative remaining charge on MyBill, Refunds will be available for the winter quarter on January 4, 2021. For students with direct deposit, the refund will be deposited into their bank account. Otherwise, we advise students to contact Student Accounting for further assistance. 

  • Is there any assistance available to purchase a computer? Are there any loans available?
  • Undergraduate and graduate FAFSA filers and undergraduate California Dream Act filers are eligible to request a computer purchase loan for up to $2,500. This loan can be requested once during a student's academic pursuit at UC Davis. The loan request can be submitted as a Cost of Attendance Appeal. Submit a copy of the estimate/invoice from the vendor for the computer with the appeal. Based on the estimate, Financial Aid and Scholarships will increase your budget by up to $2,500 and award a loan to purchase the computer.