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Public Service Third Year

Third Year

As a third-year, things should start getting exciting. You have the freedom to focus more specifically on your chosen field of study as well as continue to pursue other areas of interest. Now is the time to start looking for opportunities to increase your leadership skills and hands-on learning that will help you stand out as an applicant. Challenge yourself by:

  • Meeting with your faculty advisor to discuss writing an honors thesis if you are in an honors program.
  • Exploring internship opportunities. Consider participating in the UC Washington Program or the UC Center Sacramento program if you were unable to participate the previous year.
  • Identifying faculty and other key individuals to write letters of reference considering how each reference writer will portray your skills and experience relative to the aims of each scholarship.
  • Scheduling an appointment with the prestigious scholarship advisor to discuss your future plans. 

2015 Strauss winner holding guitar

Lauren Salinero, 2015 Strauss Winner

Prestigious scholarships you can apply for:

Planning for next year:

At the end of your third year, you should be thinking about whether your next step is graduate school or beginning your career. If you decide that graduate school is the right path for you and you're considering applying for RhodesMarshallGeorge J. MitchellFulbrightSchwarzman, Knight-Hennessy, Charles B. Rangel, James Madison, Thomas R. Pickering, USAID Donald M. Payne, Yenching, James C. Gaither Junior Fellows, Paul and Daisy Soros, and/or Gates Cambridge, you will need to begin your application at the end of the third year. Many of the fourth-year applications require extensive work and it's important to be mindful of those requirements.  After you decide which opportunity is right for you, make an appointment with the prestigious scholarship advisor to discuss your application.