Students at the Chicanx/Latinx Center

Important Updates

  • In observance of Cesar Chavez Day, Financial Aid and Scholarships will be closed on Friday, March 31, 2023
  • For California Middle Class Scholarship updates, please visit MCS.
  • For Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief information, please visit Apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief.

Undergraduate Forms and Appeals

Submitting Documents

Webforms are submitted electronically. If you are required to submit a PDF you may choose from the following submission methods:

  • Email - Submit documents using Contact An Expert.
  • In Person - Visit Financial Aid Offices for our office hours.
  • Drop Box - A drop box is available just outside Dutton Hall located to the left of the main entrance.

Processing Times

In general, please allow 3-4 weeks to process forms and 6-8 weeks for appeals. Any requested documents submitted after the initial review require the same processing time frames.

General Forms

Prior-Year Debt Online Request

For students who have been notified of a prior-year debt affecting their financial aid.

Release of Financial Aid Information to an Institution

Download this PDF form to request release of financial aid information to an institution.

Release of Financial Aid Information to Third Party Individual(s)

Submit this electronic webform to request release of financial aid information to Third-Party Individual(s). For information regarding Third-Party Authorization, please visit our Privacy page.

Request to Pay Undergraduate Students

For departmental use when requesting payment to current UC Davis students. Be sure to read the corresponding instructions before processing the request for payment.

Support Letter for Graduate School Application Fee Waiver Request

Used to support a request for a graduate school application fee waiver.

Federal Title IV Authorization/Cancellation

Initial authorization is completed through MyAwards under the Requirements tab. The authorization may be rescinded or changed by the student by submitting a Federal Title IV Authorization form through Contact An Expert.


If selected for verification, we will request additional documents to verify the information on your financial aid application.

Summer Financial Aid Application

Deadline to apply for SESSION 1 and SPECIAL SESSIONS: July 15;  SESSION 2: August 26

Closed for 2022

Parent Loan Revisions or Student Change in Aid Forms

Appeal Forms

Alternative Budget Request Form

For applicants with dependent children age 18 and under. Allows students to request alternative budget consideration. 

Appeal for Independent Status

For applicants who would like to request review of their dependency status for financial aid consideration.

Athletic Award Appeal

Appeal form for athletes requesting reinstatement of their athletic award. Review our Policy, Guidelines, and Procedures for further details.

Cost of Attendance Appeal

Used to request consideration of additional expenses that exceed the standard Cost of Attendance budget. The appeal is for additional loan consideration.

Academic Participation Appeal / Supplemental Evidence of Academic Activity (SEVACT)

Used for submitting supplemental evidence of academic activity. Additional information can be found at

Unofficial Withdrawal Determination Appeal

Used for submitting documentation of continued academic engagement throughout the term.  Additional information can be found at Return of Title IV Funds and Refund Policies.

Family Contribution Appeal for Review of Parental or Student Contribution

As an exception, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office may consider changes to a student's financial situation due to special circumstances.

Registration Late Fee Waiver Request

Used to appeal a registration late fee associated with delayed financial aid disbursement.

Late FAFSA/CADAA Filer - Appeal for On-Time Status

Used to appeal a late submission of a student's financial aid application to be considered on-time for full financial aid consideration.

Parent Loan Revisions or Student Change in Aid Forms


Loan Forms

Alternative/Private Loan Change

Submit this form to request to decline your offered loan(s) and have your Private/Alternative Loan processed.

Emergency, Short-Term, and Assistant Loan Program

For students experiencing a temporary shortage of funds.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan Request Form

Used by students to apply for Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans. Submit the webform at right or use the downloadable PDF.

Computer Purchase Request Form

Available during the academic year (October- May) as a Cost of Attendance Appeal.

Parent Loan Revisions or Student Change in Aid Forms

Parent Direct PLUS Authorization

Used by parents to update Parent Direct PLUS authorization of funds.