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Unrestricted Eligibility

The funds listed below are available to all current undergraduate students. All of these funds are awarded based on merit, and some of the scholarships have a need component as well. For more information on how to apply, please visit the Undergraduate Scholarships page.

Albert W. Bijou

Mr. Bijou was a Dixon area resident involved in swine breeding and dairying. He had a close relationship with students and interns in the School of Veterinary Medicine. A provision in his Will established this scholarship in 1971.

Class of '94 Scholarship Fund

The fund was established by the graduating seniors of the Class of 1994. It is open to all scholarship eligible students.

Myron Cropsey Scholarship

Myron established this scholarship in 1991 to be awarded to worthy UC Davis students.


Unrestricted scholarship gifts from various donors are deposited in the General Scholarship Fund and awarded to outstanding students without restrictions.

Earl A. Gordon

Earl A. Gordon was a 1948 graduate of UC Davis. A bequest in his will established this scholarship in 1998.

Rola Ortlieb

Rola Ortlieb had been a Sacramento-Davis area yoga instructor for over twenty years and had wonderful affiliations with UCD faculty and staff members. In recognition of the achievement, pride, and encouragement they bring to the campus and its students, she established this scholarship in 1983 prior to her death in 1988.

Bettencourt Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by a donation from the trust of Harry and Dorothy Bettencourt after their passing in 2003 and 2005, respectively. Though they had no children, both were highly interested and supportive of youth and education. In fact, Mrs. Bettencourt had been a teacher in Oakland, CA until her retirement. This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need.

James P. Black Memorial

Mr. Black graduated from UC Davis with a degree in anthropology. At the time of his death in 1980, this memorial scholarship was established by the Black Family and is restricted to students with financial need.

President William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship    

When President Clinton spoke at UC Davis in 2002, he donated part of his honorarium to set up a scholarship fund to be used for undergraduates. It is restricted to students with financial need.

Marjorie and Charles W. Elliott

Established by the Will of Marjorie Elliott to support undergraduate students at UC Davis. Restricted to students with financial need.

ESL Memorial

ESL is a subsidiary of TRW. On February 16, 1988, a gunman entered the ESL offices in Sunnyvale and began shooting. Seven lives were lost including some employees who were alumni of UC Davis. ESL, its employees, and other area companies established this scholarship in their memory. It is restricted to students with financial need.

Clara M. Love Scholarships

The scholarship is for those with financial need. It is the donor’s wish that the recipients of the scholarship be non-smokers and non-users of alcohol or drugs. Preference is to be given first to descendants of her sisters, Manta Love North and Grace Love Vaughn, then any student who meets scholarship eligibility at UC Davis.

Margaret Alice Vansell Mattei

This scholarship for needy students was established in 1982 by Jane Vansell to honor her late daughter, Margaret Alice Vansell Mattei. The Vansell Family has been associated with the campus and community for many years. The late Dr. Vansell was a professor in the Department of Entomology.

Vivian Bryan Nelson

Established in 1978 through a provision in the Will of Vivian Bryan Nelson, this scholarship is restricted to students having demonstrated financial need.

Robert and Lois Sawyer

The Sawyer Scholarship was established in 1995 as a result of gifts from Richard and Thomas Elder and Karen Wallin. The Sawyers were people of very modest means who deeply valued education because they had little of it themselves. Mr. Sawyer was interested in agrarian and mechanical pursuits and Mrs. Sawyer in homemaking and the arts. The scholarship is restricted to sophomore, junior or senior students with financial need.

Herbert and Gladys Smith

Established in 2001 from the estate of Gladys S. Smith. The scholarship is restricted to students with financial need.

Robert G. and Ida A. Sproul

The University of California, Berkeley Class of 1913 established the fund supporting this award in 1938. At their 50th anniversary in 1963, the fund was permanently dedicated to undergraduate scholarships for needy students and named in honor of classmate Robert Sproul and his wife. Dr. Sproul was president of the University of California from 1930 to 1958.

Percy W. and Nellie C. Thompson    

This scholarship was established in 1965 by a provision in the Will of Dorothy D. Thompson and is restricted to students with financial need.

University Scholarship

The University Scholarship is awarded to students with financial need and is funded from campus discretionary funds.

Willis Martin Vansell, D.V.M. Memorial

The late Dr. Willis Martin Vansell received a Bachelor of Science degree from UCD in 1951 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1953. He practiced veterinary medicine in southern California specializing in companion animals. This scholarship was established in 1983 by his mother, Jane Baird Vansell. It is restricted to students with financial need.

Jay & Barb Weisbrod

The Jay & Barb Weisbrod Scholarship was established in 2004 to support needy and worthy students at UC Davis.