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Important Updates

Student Parent Resources

Child Care Financial Assistance

We understand that not all students fit the typical profile: single, living on or off-campus with roommates to share the rent. Many students have dependent children to support and need assistance with child care expenses. The WorkLife office, in coordination with Financial Aid and Scholarships, offers limited grants to help assist with these expenses. For the Student Parent Child Care Funding Program Application and details please visit WorkLife.

Financial Aid and Scholarships also offers loans to help students who have dependent children and related child care expenses. Applicants with dependent children age 18 and under, may submit an Alternate Budget Request Form for review. The Alternate Budget Request Form is available online for undergraduate or graduate students starting October 1 at the beginning of each academic year. Professional students should contact their respective Financial Aid Office.

Additional Resources

If you have questions about child care funding, staff members in the WorkLife office can assist you. Contact them by phone at (530) 754-8791 or by email at

We also encourage you to explore these additional resources: