Student Privacy Policy

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Effective February 4, 2019

Financial Aid and Scholarships continuously strives to maintain a safe environment and provide quality customer service for its students. To better ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations and reduce the risk of a data breach, it has updated its Student Privacy Policy. In particular, if a third-party individual(s) contacts Financial Aid and Scholarships to inquire about a student's financial aid, office staff will be able to release limited information based on the student's completion of a Third-Party Authorization form

How can I access my personal financial aid information?

  • Online: Through MyAwards
  • In Person: Please bring your Student ID or other government-issued photo ID along with your Student ID number
  • UC Davis Email: Please be sure to include your Student ID number and Date of Birth
  • Contact An Expert: If using CAS authentication, no additional information will be requested
  • Phone: You will be asked to verify your Student ID number, last 4 digits of your SSN, Date of Birth, and Major

    How do I give Third-Party Authorization?

    Log into MyForms and select the "Third-Party Authorization Form", including the third party's:

    • Full name (first and last)
    • Relationship to the student
    • Access code, or passphrase, created by the student (at least 6 characters)

    How long does it take to process the online request?

    • Instantly

    Why do I need to give third-party authorization so others can access my financial aid information?

    Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended, the University cannot disclose personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records without the student's written consent, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. For more information regarding federal laws and UC Davis Institutional privacy policies, please consult with the Office of the University Registrar.

    What information is included with third-party authorization?

    • General financial aid information regarding:
    • Non-financial aid application data including the status of pending, incomplete, or completed:
      • Financial aid requirements
      • Financial aid appeals
      • Loan documents and processing
    • If the authorized third-party is the parent of a dependent student, additional financial aid application data from the FAFSA or Dream act application may be released as it relates to the application, awarding, and administration of financial aid.

    What information is not included with third-party authorization?

    While staff can discuss scenarios as related to student financial aid based on information specified by the authorized third party, staff will not release student-specific data directly to a third party. However, please note if the person contacting the office is clearly identified as the parent of a dependent student as authorized by the student, staff may be able to discuss additional financial aid application information as it relates to the administration and awarding of financial aid.

    In addition, regardless of the situation, staff will not release:

    • Grades
    • Social Security numbers
    • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Driver's license number or California identification card number
    • Account number, credit or debit card number, in combination with any required security code, access code, or password that would permit access to an individual's financial account
    • Medical information
    • Health insurance information

    What information can be provided over the phone?

    • If speaking with the verified student directly or an authorized third-party, staff can release information pertaining to their financial aid record as it relates to the application, award, or administration of financial aid. However, to mitigate the risk of a security breach, the information provided is restricted to a need-to-know basis. 

    What can be discussed over the phone:

    • Where the caller can find the requested information and how they can access it, such as MyAwards letters, Student Aid Report (SAR), MyBill, and IRS.
    • Confirm FAFSA or Dream Act Application data already provided by the caller.
    • The status of non-FAFSA or non-Dream Act Application data. Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • The status of a financial aid requirement (i.e. "Have you received my SAP appeal?").
    • General information regarding the financial aid process (i.e., processing times, status of a document in review, etc.).

    What cannot be discussed over the phone:

    • Specific financial aid figures and data. Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
      • Award amounts
      • Values listed on the financial aid application (e.g. AGI, taxes paid, etc.)
      • Refund amounts

    If I grant third-party authorization, is any additional information required to release my information?

    • In addition to the third party's name and passphrase, they will also need to provide the student's ID number and Date of Birth.

    Can I revoke access?

    • Yes, students can log in to MyAwards and cancel authorization at any time.

    What if my authorized third party needs additional information?

    • To ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations, provide quality customer service, and reduce the risk of a data breach, for specific information including financial aid application data and award amounts, students should contact Financial Aid and Scholarships directly, either in person or via their UC Davis email. If a third party, including immediate family members, has questions regarding a student's financial aid data, we recommend reaching out to their student. However, we may release information to a verified dependent student's parent with third-party authorization as it relates to the application, awarding, and administration of financial aid.