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First Year

Tower Bridge crossing the River Thames

All roads lead here. Starting on the first and second-year paths for public serviceSTEM, or study abroad will guide you towards U.K. Scholarships. While all prestigious scholarships are competitive, that is especially true of scholarships such as the Rhodes, Marshall, George J. Mitchell, and Churchill, to name a few. It’s important that you begin taking those developmental steps early in your academic career. Get started by:

  • Taking courses that will develop your academic interests and provide clarity for your career goals.
  • Getting to know your advisors and faculty – this can provide mentoring and build a relationship that will allow faculty and advisors to support your applications with a letter of recommendation.
  • Getting involved with research opportunities by working with the Undergraduate Research Center (URC).
  • Joining campus clubs or volunteering with service organizations – especially engage in meaningful opportunities that develop your leadership and correspond to your interests.
  • Visiting the Internship and Career Center (ICC) for guidance on resumes. Build a detailed resume of your activities, awards, research, etc. 
  • Scheduling an appointment with a prestigious scholarships advisor to discuss career goals, identify suitable scholarships, and develop a plan to strengthen your application.

Additionally, applying for and winning other prestigious scholarships is the best way to better prepare yourself for the U.K. application process and build your resume.

Prestigious scholarships you can apply for: