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Important Updates

  • In observance of Cesar Chavez Day, Financial Aid and Scholarships will be closed on Friday, March 31, 2023
  • For California Middle Class Scholarship updates, please visit MCS.
  • For Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief information, please visit Apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief.

Cost of Attendance Appeal

Appeal for Increased Cost of Attendance and Additional Loan Funding

Students may experience unforeseen expenses during an academic year that are not accounted for in the typical estimated cost of attendance. This form is used to identify expenses and request additional loan funding.

Alternative Budget Request

Students who are married, or have dependent children age 18 and under, are eligible for an increased budget to cover additional family expenses and can complete an Alternative Budget Request form.

Examples of Allowable Expenses

 Receipts must be submitted for all documented expenses. 


Housing costs that exceed the basic student budget for reasonable, justified living accommodations are acceptable. However, you are expected to seek housing within the budgeted housing allowance. If you have roommates, your costs will be divided by the number of roommates. Acceptable additions to this category include: 

  • Excess rent: a copy of your lease agreement
  • Homeowner's or renter's insurance premiums: proof of payment, copy of the policy
  • Proof of payment: receipts, billing statements for three months for:
    • Basic PG&E/SMUD
    • Basic telephone costs
    • Basic internet costs

A medical, dental, and optical allowance for expenses not covered by insurance is included in the “Personal Expenses” category of the basic budget. Appropriate documentation for additional projected expenses or expenses that occur during the academic year include: 

  • Healthcare provider's billing statements showing cost, date of treatment, and the amount paid
  • Copy of insurance policy (for student's premium cost)
  • Proof of payment by student or parent

Projected expenses that occur during the academic year will be considered when you present a signed healthcare provider’s statement, written on letterhead, indicating: 

  • Treatment required
  • Cost
  • Scheduled date of treatment

In addition to the basic “Books and Supplies” category of the student expense budget, acceptable additions include: 

  • Required reference texts
  • Required special equipment/supplies
  • Required research costs

In keeping with the UC Davis Computer Ownership guidelines, Financial Aid and Scholarships can provide eligible undergraduate and graduate Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filers and undergraduate California Dream Act Application (CADAA) filers at UC Davis with a computer loan for up to $2,500 with a quote of the total purchase of the computer. This loan can be requested once during a student's academic pursuit at UC Davis. 


The basic student expense budget covers the moderate cost of public transportation for incidental travel to and from your parents’ or your home, and an annual bicycle license. Transportation costs must be educationally related. Acceptable additional expenses may include: 

  • Transportation costs required by an academic program, unusual medical condition, or other reasons directly related to educational needs (supporting statements from an academic advisor may be requested)
  • Costs of commuting to UC Davis from surrounding communities or visiting family and/or commuting to work/internship from surrounding communities. Be sure to include:
    • Estimated mileage per trip (indicate whether one-way or round trip)
    • List starting and ending addresses
    • Number of trips and total mileage
  • Cost of car insurance for the student that exceeds the current budget allotment
  • Quarter(s) you will incur extra travel expenses
  • Receipts for travel expenses

Life insurance premiums are allowed for the student and/or dependent children of the student. Proof of life insurance premiums in the student’s name is required. 

Examples of Expenses Not Allowed

  • Cable bill
  • Credit card debt
  • Car payments
  • Trips for entertainment purposes

Cost of Attendance Appeal Instructions

StudentForms allows you to submit documents electronically directly to UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Please review the following before continuing to StudentForms:

1. You will need to register with your student information before requesting a Cost of Attendance Appeal. Once you are logged on, you may request the appeal by selecting the "Manage Requests" button.

Appeal Initial Manage Request


Appeal Request Menu_COA


2. When requesting the Cost of Attendance Appeal, you will need to enter an explanation for the request. This is not your appeal statement, so please keep your explanation brief.

COA Appeal Request


3. You will need to provide a detailed statement that includes an explanation of the circumstances for which you are appealing. Please note, you will be required to upload supporting documentation in support of the appeal being submitted (i.e., lease agreements, utility bills, medical expenses, etc.). 

COA Appeal Submission Page

4. Once all appeal documents are uploaded, click the "Submit" button, then the "Finish" button.  

Financial Aid and Scholarships will begin reviewing these appeals on October 5, and the review process can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal