Prior-Year Debt

Prior-Year Debt Online Request Form

If you currently have an unpaid prior-year account balance at UC Davis, your financial aid for the upcoming academic year may be applied to the debt. Federal regulations limit the amount the University can deduct from your Federal financial aid to pay prior-year debts to $200 or less. To determine your prior-year and current balance, check your Current Account Status on MyBill. If you are expecting financial aid for the 2017-2018 academic year, be advised that any prior-year debts you owe to the university will be paid when your aid disburses prior to any refund being issued.

If your aid is sufficient to pay both your educational costs and your account balance, you can submit the Online Prior-Year Debt Request Form to allow your financial aid funds to be used to pay your debts. If you pre-authorized this amount with your Statement of Understanding, there is no need to submit this form. 

Click on the link below to access the MyForms page. You will need your UC Davis Login ID and Passphrase for authentication. Once on MyForms, input your UC Davis student ID and date of birth and click on Log In. Follow the instructions on the Prior-Year Debt Request Form for your particular circumstances.

Online Prior-Year Debt Request Form