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Fulbright U.S. Student Program


Campus application deadline:

  • Study/Research:  September 12, 2023
  • English Teaching Assistants​​​​​​:  September 20, 2023

Campus Interviews :

  • Study/Research:  September 18-20, 2023
  • English Teaching Assistants​​​:  September 25-27, 2023

Scholarship application deadline:
October 10, 2023


Fulbright grantees receive roundtrip airfare, limited health insurance, and a monthly stipend for up to one academic year (specific length varies by program and country) to serve as English Teaching Assistants (ETAs), conduct research, or earn a Master’s degree.  Other benefits (tuition, dependent support, etc.) may be available in some countries.


  1. Must be U.S. citizens at time of application
  2. Must be graduating seniors, current graduate students, or alumni.
  3. Must not have spent five (5) of the previous six (6) years abroad
  4. Must possess the necessary language skills to complete the project you are proposing. Please see the country descriptions for specific language requirements
  5. Must be in good health

Candidate Profile

Candidates should demonstrate a strong desire to conduct research or serve as ETAs in the country to which he/she is specifically applying. For countries with a language requirement, candidates must possess the linguistic ability to successfully carry out their research or teaching.  All candidates should demonstrate specific ways they intend to culturally engage with the host country as this is a primary aim of the Fulbright program. 

Research candidates should develop a research proposal and identify an appropriate host country individual or organization to sponsor their research as an affiliate. 

ETA candidates should demonstrate previous teaching experience that will allow them to successfully serve as an ETA. Teaching does not have to be in a formal setting such as a school and can include other formats such as tutoring, coaching, etc.

Scholarship Website

Campus Procedure

Candidates should review the Fulbright website to decide which program and country to apply to. Interested applicants should register as applicants prior to the campus application deadline, and then contact Scott Palmer to schedule an advising appointment.”

All UC Davis candidates must participate in a campus interview with a faculty panel.  The interview will provide suggestions for improving the application, which can be incorporated into a final draft before the foundation deadline.