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Campus application deadline:
August 15, 2022


Marshall Scholars receive the full cost of university tuition and fees, a living expense, book grant, thesis grant, research, and daily travel grant, travel to and from the United States, and a contribution towards a dependent spouse (where applicable) for up to three (3) years of academic study at a university of the student's choice in the United Kingdom.


  1. U.S. citizen
  2. Cumulative GPA of 3.7 or greater
  3. Be a senior and plan to graduate in the current academic year, or have graduated within the previous 2 years.

Candidate Profile

Applicants should be intellectually distinguished students from any field of study with a desire to learn about and study in the United Kingdom. Applicants should have substantial achievements to go along with excellent academics. Applicants should have three (3) letters of recommendation. At least two (2) of these must come from faculty.

Applicants should have a desire to gain an understanding and appreciation for contemporary Britain, to contribute to Britain’s academic excellence, and to act as ambassadors from the United States to the United Kingdom in order to strengthen British-American understanding.

Applicants should research programs at universities in the United Kingdom and select those that are the strongest fit for their field of study to have a truly competitive application. 

Scholarship Website

Campus Procedure

Candidates must be endorsed by UC Davis for their applications to be considered.  Applicants wishing to be considered for endorsement must submit a Pre-Application by May18, Additional Information by June 15, as well as a pdf of the completed online application with all letters of recommendation by August 15.  All documents should be forwarded to prestigious scholarship advisor Scott Palmer at