Alan Pattee Scholarship Act: Tuition Fee Waiver

In 1970 Assembly Bill 338, or the Alan Pattee Scholarship Act, was passed by the 1970 California Legislative Session.

Under this act, an eligible University of California student who is a surviving spouse or surviving child of a deceased person who meets all of the following requirements may be eligible for an exemption towards mandatory systemwide tuition and fees.

The deceased:

  • Was a resident of California*
  • Was employed by a public agency, or was a contractor, or an employee of a contractor, performing services for a public agency**
  • His or her principle duties considered of active law enforcement service or active fire suppression and prevention**
  • Passed away in the performance of active law enforcement or active fire suppression and prevention duties or died as a result of an accident or injury incurred in the performance of those duties**

The surviving spouse or child of contractor, or an employee of a contractor, performing services for a public agency must also:

  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate student at a UC campus.
  • Based on the student’s current year FAFSA or California Dream Act Application has an annual income, including the value of support received from the parent, that does not exceed the maximum household income and asset level for a Cal Grant B applicant.

If you have additional questions regarding this tuition fee waiver, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

* Please submit a copy of the death certificate.

** Based on a letter of support from the employer.