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Important Updates

Loans FAQs

This information is subject to change and is evolving. Please check back often for updates. For information on the federal CARES Act relief funds and Additional COVID-19 Support, see CARES Act FAQs.

  • If I need a loan to purchase a computer for online courses, where can I request one?
  • You can request a loan by submitting a Computer Loan Request and a quote (or final cost at check-out) of the computer that you will be purchasing. Students currently enrolled in the minimum unit requirements within the current quarter can request a computer loan. Ensure a hand-written signature is provided on the form. See Computer Purchase for the application form and details.
  • If I do not accept my loan now, can I accept it at a later date?  
  • Yes. You may accept all or a portion of your loans at any time throughout the academic year. For each academic year, students have until mid-May to accept offered loans. If you would like your loans to be applied to your account by the fall fee payment deadline, offers must be accepted and requirements completed by September 1. You can submit a Change in Loan Request through MyAwards.
  • How do I obtain a promissory note PIN for university loans? 
  • You will need to call Heartland ECSI at (888) 549-3274 to request a promissory note PIN. The PIN will be available within three (3) business days of accepting the loan and is required to access/complete the online forms. Once you sign your documents, please allow up to four (4) business days for the Loan Requirements to satisfy on MyAwards.  
  • Why can't I authenticate for university loans with my DACA SSN? 
  • DACA SSN holders must use the California Dream Act ID when prompted for an SSN instead of the DACA SSN. If you have a DACA SSN, provide a copy to your respective Financial Aid office. List your Student ID number and the loan fund on the top right-hand corner of the copy. 
  • I have graduated and need a copy of my university loan documents. How can I obtain a copy? 
  • For promissory notes completed after 2012, contact Heartland ECSI at (888) 549-3274. For loans accepted prior to 2012, please contact your respective Financial Aid Office. If you are requesting that the school certify the remaining loan balance on an institutional loan, contact Student Accounting for guidance and have your Student ID number available. 
  • How do I repay my loans? 
  • For Federal Loans, log in to Federal Student Aid to determine your Loan Servicer(s).  From there you contact your Loan Servicer(s) to determine your repayment options. 

    For Institutional Loans, Loan Servicer information is displayed on the Student Accounting website. Visit collections of student loans and university receivables to view loan servicer details and repayment options. 

    Students typically don’t have to start repaying their loans until after graduation or their enrollment status falls below part-time.  Please contact your lender(s) for more information.  You can also visit our Repaying Loans page for additional information. 

Parent PLUS Loan FAQs

  • My parent applied for the Parent PLUS Loan and it has been more than 5-7 business days, why are the requirements not displayed as Satisfied and the loan not yet issued to MyBill?
  • In order to process a Parent PLUS Loan application, please ensure the following steps have been taken:

    1. Parent applied for the PLUS Application through
    2. Parent received a credit decision at the end of the application:
              a. Received a confirmation email that the parent was approved. Continue to step 3.
              b. Received
    a confirmation email that the parent was not approved. See next FAQ question for additional options.
    3. After approval, the parent completed the Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) with the following selections completed:
    MPN for Parent of a dependent was selected.
    Parent’s information was used to submit the Parent PLUS MPN.
    4. If your parent was approved and the PLUS MPN was completed, please submit the following documents via Contact An Expert:
    An email from that confirms the parent was approved for the Parent PLUS Loan.
              b. A copy of the completed Parent PLUS MPN.

    If additional information is required after these documents have been submitted, we will reach out to you via email.

  • My parents completed the Parent Plus Loan application, however, we were notified that their credit was denied. Do I have any other options since my parent’s credit was denied?
  • If a student’s parent’s application for a Parent Plus loan is denied, students may submit the denial statement received and an Unsubsidized Loan Request form to our office requesting an increase of Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan. If the student is approved for the increased loan amount, the student will be offered the maximum amount of Unsubsidized Loan for which they qualify and may not equal the amount initially offered through a Parent Plus Loan.