Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Cognitive Testing Fund

For students interested in EOP services and for a listing of examiners please contact EOP Information Office in 102 South Hall at (530) 752-9711 or

To qualify for the EOP Cognitive Testing Fund, students must be EOP eligible, receiving financial aid and recommended for cognitive disability testing by an off-campus examiner experienced in the evaluation and diagnosis of adults with learning disabilities.

Once testing is recommended, the student will contact the Financial Aid Office via email, or by phone at (530) 752-1646 to see if he/she is eligible for the EOP Cognitive Testing Fund.

The student must complete the testing by the end of the quarter in which testing was recommended. All expenses must be incurred during the academic year (September - June), unless the student is enrolled in summer school and is receiving summer financial aid. After testing is completed, the examiner will submit a bill that includes the student’s name and UC Davis student ID number directly to the Financial Aid Office.

To obtain EOP services after enrolling at UC Davis, contact the EOP Information Office at

Applying for EOP Admissions

Entering students may apply to the Educational Opportunity Program when they complete the Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarship Application, and answer all questions related to EOP. In addition, we advise you to use your personal statement to explain your reasons for requesting EOP assistance. Contact for information.