Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility for Summer

Summer is considered one term for financial aid purposes. To maintain financial aid eligibility during summer, it is important that you meet the minimum unit requirements. Important factors include:

  • To be eligible for summer aid, you must be enrolled in at least six (6) units during the summer term, which includes Session 1, Session 2 and Special Session. Financial aid is awarded based on all registered units, including waitlisted classes.
  • For most financial aid to disburse, you must be enrolled in at least 6 units. Waitlisted units do not count toward disbursement. See Billing and Disbursement for details.
  • Dropping a course or withdrawing from one or more summer terms may cause your summer financial aid awards to be revised. See Cancelling or Withdrawing for details.
  • For how summer enrollment may affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Maximum Timeframe and pace calculations, please visit our SAP webpage.