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10 Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Your Lease

A lease is essentially a housing contract. With a lease, the user agrees to the rental terms of the owner’s property. A landlord will require that you sign a lease before you can move in. Don’t feel pressured to sign a lease because once you do, you’re bound to the fine print. Before you sign, make sure to carefully read through the details of the lease agreements. If there is anything on the document that you disagree with, talk to your landlord before signing.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Landlord

There may be important factors in a lease agreement that may affect your expenses and monthly budget. When you tour an apartment complex or rental home, ask these questions of your landlord to know what to expect when living on their property:

  1. When is the rent due? 
  2. What are the one-time fees? (This may include the security deposit, pet deposit, and move-in fees.)
  3. Are the deposits refundable?
  4. How do I pay for the rent? (online, by check, cash only)
  5. What is the policy for late rent payments? Is there a fee for paying late?
  6. What utilities and services are included in the rent? (Consider water, sewage, wi-fi, covered parking, in-unit laundry, etc.)
  7. Who handles the maintenance requests? Is the renter or owner responsible?
  8. Is renters insurance required?
  9. Is subletting the unit or having additional housemates allowed?
  10. If the lease doesn’t start on the first of the month, is the rent prorated?

The more questions you ask before signing a lease, the better protected you’ll be against surprise costs once the lease starts. It is critical to get all of your questions answered before agreeing to the terms! Remember, there is no loss walking away before signing a lease.  You want to be comfortable with your decision.


The winter quarter is around the time Aggies begin hunting for housing for the next academic year. With many off-campus options in Davis, it can be a little tricky to find the right place. However, if you start searching for a place early, you can maximize your options. To narrow your options, do not be afraid to ask questions of the property manager or landlord! You want to find the right place that meets your needs.

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