Mint: Why It's Your Best Friend in College!

Mint mobile app

By Jade Garcia, Financial Wellness Peer Advisor

What is Mint? What does it do?

Are you a college student and want to start minimizing your spending habits and track your accounts? Mint is the app for you. Mint goes from tracking your bills, to budgeting, to getting your credit score. It categorizes your calculations while also alerting you on what you have to spend every month.

If it's free it's for me!

Yes, you read it right. Mint is free and easy to get started. Within a few minutes of creating your account, you are able to see where money is going and helps identify the mistakes in your spending. It is accessible to almost every US financial institution that is connected to the internet. Having a free site that provides you with access to help you budget and keep track of your spending is a great key when going to college.

Why it's important to keep track of your spending

Having a busy schedule in college can lead to spending money on unnecessary things. Hold up and take a step back! Downloading Mint to your phone and having access to it at all times can help you with your spending habits, and seeing how much you are spending can motivate you to start checking yourself and what you spend your money on. Tracking your expenses will show you what you can remove from your spending that is unnecessary. 

Mint does it all!

Mind does not only track your spending, but it will also advise you on how to better your spending. It also tracks down your credit score which is very important to develop while being in college. It could seem easy swiping away your credit or debit card, but Mint makes sure to keep you updated on how you are affecting your credit score. Stay up to date with your spending. Stay up to date with Mint!