Three Dollars A Cup Adds Up!

cup of coffee

By Jade Garcia, Financial Wellness Peer Advisor

Do you have a habit of buying coffee or other drinks daily?

Just like other bad habits, buying coffee on the daily can be a bad habit, not only for yourself but for your wallet. It doesn't seem like it's affecting you at all because it's such a small purchase, but once you start putting it into perspective you will see that those small purchases actually add up costing you more than expected. Here are some tips to help you.

Make coffee at home! It's not that hard!

Sure, it doesn't come with the syrup or other sugars that coffee shops provide, but coffee is coffee. There are various ways of getting creative with your coffee such as using a French press, using a coffee maker, or using a Keurig. The benefit of making coffee at home is that you are able to add whatever you want to your coffee, and it will save you time from going to a coffee shop and waiting in a line that might take 5-10 minutes. Remember, coffee is a form of art that you create for yourself.

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Put it into Perspective

Swiping your card in the moment doesn't seem like it's hurting you. Stop and look at your bank statement. Buying a cup of coffee a day will cost you around 3 - 5 dollars depending on where you go. If you multiply that small amount by a whole week it will cost around 35 dollars, which adds up to 140 dollars a month in coffee. Isn't that insane? Next time think twice before you swipe your card. Carry cash so you are aware of what you are spending.

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Is Starbucks, Peet's, and Coho Coffee Necessary?

Is buying coffee really necessary? Is it because you're used to the taste? is it a psychological thing that you assume will make you study better? I'm not saying that buying a cup of coffee is a bad thing, but it wouldn't hurt making your own coffee at home. Making a cup of coffee at home will not only save you a couple of dollars, but it will also save you time, and as college students, we know how valuable time is. Creating a routine of making a cup of coffee will get you out of your bad habit of going to a coffee shop on the daily.