University Loans

University Loans

The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office recommends borrowing only what you need to pay for your educational expenses. Loans are repayable resources that will enter repayment when you graduate, stop attending school, or drop below half-time status. It is important that you take a moment to:

  • Create your in-school budget to estimate how much you will need to borrow each school year
  • Review the terms and conditions of each loan you borrow
  • Track your loan history

UC Davis offers university based loans which have interest rates ranging from 3% to 8% which accrue once the borrower ceases to be enrolled at least half-time. These loans are made on the basis of financial need. Review the promissory note and disclosures statements for additional information about deferment periods and repayment schedules.

Minimum award: $200  |  Maximum award: $4,000

University Loan Servicer

Heartland ECSI

Phone Number: (888) 549-3274

Hours: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday

University Student Loan

  • Awarded to qualifying students that demonstrate financial need and file an educational expense appeal. 
  • Funds are awarded to assist with additional living expenses, child care, and first time computer purchase.
  • Limited funding may also be available for summer
  • Interest rate: 5%
  • Processing fee: N/A
  • Deferment period: 6 months
  • Does not require a credit check
  • 2019-20 loan offer can be accepted or declined in MyAwards starting July 1, 2019. Additional loan requirements will be displayed at that time.

Jack Liter Loan

  • Awarded  to students who are experiencing a shortage of funds and have reached the aggregate federal loan limits or are unable to borrow private loans to pay tuition and fees
  • Students must be in good standing with federal loans and submit an appeal for consideration
  • The appeal should be typed and include students full name, student identification number, desired loan amount, and a minimum of three (3) credit denial notices
  • Interest rate: 8%
  • Processing fees: N/A
  • Grace Period: 6 months
  • Does not require a credit check

Fradkin Loan

  • Established by Albert G. and Lillian R. Fradkin
  • Interest free annual loans awarded up to the cost of annual graduate student in-state educational fees charged by UC Davis
  • These funds shall be used to pay for living or educational expenses, with preference given to graduate students exhibiting financial need who are citizens of the USA.
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Preference awarded to graduate students in good academic standing performing research in viticulture
  • Repayment is to begin one-year after a student ceases to be a full-time registered student at UCD or another university.
  • Repayment shall be made over no more than ten years, with the payments going to the Department and shall be used in making new loan awards.